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This channel is about the story and explanation of Love Stories from Movies Around the World. We watch the complete film, review it, add our unique thoughts with the appropriate images. In a short space of time, you'll get a detailed analyzed video of the particular movie. We Explain and Review The Love Series With A Total Analysis and Add Unique Thoughts And Criticism in the Video Fo YouTube Audience. Production Process (25 People In Our Team) : - Choosing Interesting Romance Series/Stories - Our Writer Analyzes the Whole Movie With Detailed Points And Adds Personal Criticism Along With A Detailed Explanation Of The Series. - A Professional Narrator Then Narrates The Whole Script Accordingly. - Finally, Our Editors Carefully Take Important Clips And Images From The Movie To Edit and sync with the narration To Make It Unique Piece Of entertainment. - Our Quality Assurance Then Approves the Video. The Whole Process Takes Around 3-5 days' Worth Of Time, Thanks For Your Support!

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Introverted Guy Falls for Mischievous Girl's Schemes

Introverted Guy Falls for Mischievous Girl's Schemes

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