US poised to approve sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine

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The United States, in a reversal, is poised to start a process that would eventually send dozens of M1 Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine, two U.S. officials told Reuters on Tuesday (January 24). Such a decision by the United States would come just days after Washington argued against sending the Abrams, despite demands from Kyiv and public pressure from Berlin as it faced calls to send German-made Leopard battle tanks. The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said an announcement could come as early as Wednesday (January 25). A third source familiar with the matter said the U.S. commitment could total about 30 Abrams tanks to be delivered over the coming months. The Sun newspaper brings you the latest breaking news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world Become a Sun Subscriber and hit the bell to be the first to know Read The Sun: 🤍🤍 Like The Sun on Facebook: 🤍🤍 Follow The Sun on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to The Sun on Snapchat: 🤍🤍

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US poised to approve sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine
US poised to approve sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine
US poised to approve sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine
US poised to approve sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine
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Janan Dinkha
2023-01-27 20:37:51

The sun why u so happy posting this u like to see more people dying instead of
THE SUN posting videos try to stop this war they show people dying soldiers shame on u the sun those soldiers have family kids mother shame on u PLEASE STOP THE WAR NO MORE KILLING

Janan Dinkha
2023-01-27 20:35:28

Thank you for the help wow so nice are the west countries THIS WAR NEEDS TO STOP instead of helping stopping the war they are helping killing more people wake up Ukraine wake up Russian people they are using both countries for testing all the weapons come on stop killing people nato is like isis they want war unbelievable this is disgusting sickening this needs to stop here take more weapons kill more innocent people they did it to Iraq and Syria now they came to Russia and Ukraine

Mark Banner
2023-01-26 01:33:44

Just a day or 2 of Boris maneuvers words and pressure and Germany and USA are now sending tanks also. :D

Alejandro soto martin
2023-01-25 22:50:30

Send as many as possible.

2023-01-25 22:17:10

Ukraine will be the biggest cemetery of leopards and abrams in the world....

Hz Hz
2023-01-25 21:52:45

Well it is their war.

2023-01-25 21:46:05

They should just take the ones Biden left in Afgahnistan when he tucked his tail & ran.

2023-01-25 21:17:14

Though only 30 Abram’s is being sent to Ukraine, thats will still br more than russia t14 amarta its currently fielding plus not taking into account of the challengers and leopoard 2 being sent

2023-01-25 19:56:49

I hope the Ukrainians actually use them aggressively

Keith Whitty
2023-01-25 19:11:45

Old stock. Time.for nice new shiny ones the American taxpayer wants desperately. 🤣😭🤮🤬

differently different
2023-01-25 18:59:10

31 tanks... its like social welfare. You dont die but it is almost impossible to live.

Speeding Atheist
2023-01-25 17:28:08

Drifting with a tank. Now that is cool! ;)

2023-01-25 17:27:09

we are waiting for the video of how the Abrams drowned in the first mud

ZAZEN / Sound Canvas
2023-01-25 16:49:28

This whole war could of easily been avoided with talks & compromise. Seems the only winners are the weapons industry. Biden & his puppet Zelensky are a close tie for the worst president ever award. Search online a 8 year old video 'Azov children camps' . Our tax dollars have been funding these camps since 2014. Sing songs & fun games. Sort of reminds one of the past. Shocking as a Canadian to know that we have been funding these camps. Hundreds of these camps exist now & we are arming these thousands of children with high tech weapons. It has to stop asap. PEACE TALKS ASAP All of this is leading closer & closer to a nuclear war unless the truth is spread & heard and the world citizens wake up. Amazing that most believe CCN CBC BBC SUN FOX etc The masses are completely programmed by this ‘manufacturing of consent’
People like Alexander Merouris , Chris Hedges, Scott Ritter, Brian Berletic, Douglas Macgregor, Rodger Waters, N. Chomsky, Gerald Celente ... are speaking truth A rare thing today , this truth Share it and it will grow into peace. Or do as they wish & want you to do and talk about Tanks . This Tank That Tank Blah Blah BlaH

Remember the weapon dealers all have well supplied bunkers Do you?
We the people / The World Citizens AND PEACEKEEPERS
Act now / speak up

2023-01-25 15:55:36


2023-01-25 15:52:28

Hope they have enough fuel for em .

Mr Gore
2023-01-25 15:26:40

When were young then we start fighting the elder guy who will be there among us will stop us from fighting, that depends if the elder among us is a good guy but if the guy is evil will let you fight until you have lost your teeth or your eye. This what US is doing if they use all this to support war to continue Ukraine would take care of it's people than send civilians to war in the name government

Trigger G
2023-01-25 15:09:52

Yanks, uk etc should be tying to stop the fighting not escalating the situation , as a citizen of the uk id like to be able to have a say on whether we should be entertaining this war because it’s are lives at risk if Russia start nuking the idiots that are getting involved.

Hwankil Kim
2023-01-25 14:50:57

Could only 30 Abraham's tanks change the tide of war? At least 200 more Abraham's are required.

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