Space Chimps Barbershaap

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Yargy has found himself in another Barbershaap predicament Thanks agen to seeen sween for the sweet haircuts. This time i brought my electric razor, so seensweensweenseen couldn't do his little straight razor bs. that shizz would be so much hurt. Special thanks to: Scaat MacSween (Titan) Seen Sween (Barber) Mike L. Q. Purr (Person) Derk (Camera Mang) John (Luna [The sexiest of the space chimps ;) Oh yes]) My head was cold after this ripe

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Space Chimps Barbershaap
Space Chimps Barbershaap
Space Chimps Barbershaap
Space Chimps Barbershaap
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2018-09-09 00:27:04

Now he knows the pain!!!

2018-09-09 00:21:26

Zootopia barbershop has fallen

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