Bo Burnham - Joe Biden (Extra Extended)

Hüseyin Başaran

Hüseyin Başaran

Описание видео:

An even more extended version of the new song of Bo Burnham, Joe Biden. Made for requests! Inside Deluxe Album: 🤍

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Bo Burnham - Joe Biden (Extra Extended)
Bo Burnham - Joe Biden (Extra Extended)
Bo Burnham - Joe Biden (Extra Extended)
Bo Burnham - Joe Biden (Extra Extended)
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Invader Jay
2023-07-30 16:36:12

This edit was so clean I subscribed. So many people create "Extended" versions of songs for YT and they have the worst editing skills with a sudden abrupt cut to the beginning of the song. Well done here.

2023-07-12 09:40:58

Cant bellieve Joe Biden's dead son faked his death and started an internet music carrer.

2023-07-03 21:26:48

Democracy is synonymous with majority rule which is synonymous with mob rule. Therefore one could substitute the term "Democracy" with the phrase "Mob Rule" to better understand the media when they say, "This is a threat to 'OUR DEMOCRACY.'"

Megan Deng
2023-06-30 17:58:51

me every day in this hell country

2023-06-14 16:00:24

thank god this exists and its so clean. god i wish he finished it its so good and unlike his other songs (a nightclub hit tbh) youre so talented

Ron Long
2023-06-12 00:43:21

Bovine Excretement!!

2023-06-03 01:18:49

Fight fight fight, peasantry!

2023-05-28 18:40:54


The Wanderer
2023-05-26 22:28:56

Why is this song STILL RELEVANT

laura may
2023-05-25 19:01:19

Could have had Tusli but they bullied her out...

John Forsyth
2023-05-19 08:40:11

Anyone voting for Joe in 2024 has a trust fund or is benefiting off of socialism. For the rest of us, if you love America, get this dementia patient out of office. #45for47

Freedom Unrestricted
2023-05-18 01:31:58

Joe Biden seemed like the worst of the two options to me. I didn't vote for either one though.

2023-05-17 21:28:11

Huseyin eline kulagina saglik!

2023-05-06 22:30:33

I'm 3rd Party AUTHENTIC LEFT er uh 2nd Party since we live under a #UNIPARTY posing as 2 & actually this is an insult to both cheeks of the same ASS ! #FREEASSANGE #PROXYWAR #EMPIREFALLING 💥💯🔥✊👊

I am
2023-05-06 03:44:19

Song of the next election

2023-05-01 22:36:23

Thank god we got Dark Brandon instead

2023-05-01 01:29:26

Tfw when you hate Biden and Trump

2023-04-29 08:22:27

This seems like the kind of video that will be visited a mot in the futures. Hello future people.

Marcus Haynes
2023-04-27 04:23:02

Well surely after almost a year they will realize biden isnt the best case scenario. Personally im hard right. I will not be participating in this shit show in 24. Good luck everyone

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